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" We recognize the importance of maximizing personnel development..."


Wilson Institute of Communication (WIOC) provides a unique communications building approach to corporate training and image consulting. Our staff consists of industry leading professionals with over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, training, leadership and staff development.

Our dynamic workshops and professional development opportunities are geared towards helping our clients make smart choices and streamline their activities so that it has a positive impact on their careers and professional image.

To accomplish this WIOC offers a 3-Phased approach to meet your specific organizational needs:

Phase I - Overview Workshops

These workshops are geared to rejuvenate the "people-side" of your operations through reinforcement of communication skills

Phase II - Seminars

Seminars provide a more in-depth approach to specific communication issues/concerns that have been identified through customer feedback and or other sources

Phase III - Image Consultant Package

This phase incorporates Phases I & II plus provides surveys, analysis, on-site observations, and identification of areas for improvement and recommendations.

The founder Darryl W. Wilson is a registered pharmacist and an internationally renowned speaker with over twenty years' experience as a professional development trainer. He has over 15 years of experience as a consultant with Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies where he specializes in helping healthcare providers boost revenue, enhance productivity, improve patient relations and increase staff retention through better communication, listening skills, image perception and interpersonal relationships. Physicians, medical staff, managers and patients throughout the United States and abroad have reaped the benefits of his unique perspective and ability to empower others to erase communication barriers and reach new levels of success.

WIOC provides tools that are a sound investment in your company's future, we don't merely provide a service, we help you maximize your message!

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